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Welcome to our 2021 Programme for #ALLERGYONLINE! We are bringing all the Allergy Academy expertise, international speakers, practical tips and news about allergy developments to your very own devices with our Live Webinar Experience. 

THE NEED: Those living with allergies are suffering from less access to healthcare and greater difficulty in finding expert advice. Our health professional community is emerging from lock-down with increased waiting lists, restricted times for patient appointments and less clinical capacity among their teams.

THE SOLUTION: Our online study days are designed to support your timely recognition, fast decision-making and safe management for the wide range of allergic diseases and related disorders. Our days have been tailor made for healthcare professionals for the past 12 years, and now we are able to extend our online reach further with our truly remarkably interactive webinar platform. Delegates can ask questions of the speaker throughout the presentations, chat with other delegates online and vote in presenters’ polls.

PROLONGED ACCESS: We live-stream talks with chair-coordinated questions and offer online viewing of the recordings to registering delegates within the same Study Day Webinar Site for one month afterward. The recorded content will then be transfered to our Talking Slides Library of talks. Whether you may be watching from work, from home, in the evenings or between on-call shifts, this event is designed to ensure you will not miss out on the opportunity to improve your practice.

ACCESSING THE STREAMED CONTENT: All delegates who register for this event will make their name and email address available to our audio-visual company (Talking Slides) who administer our #ALLERGYONLINE webinar platform. Delegates will be asked whether they wish to share their name and email addresses with our commercial sponsors, which is entirely optional.

To check you will be able to see the streamed content, you can go to one of the streaming websites we will use for these study days to test the example video.

All delegates will register through Eventbrite. When you have registered, we will use the Eventbrite platform to mail out the registration link and passcodes for the appropriate event. Please ask any questions by contacting our team on Allergy-Academy@kcl.ac.uk

THE FUTURE: With your help and support, we will continue to grow through our collaborations with a wide range of health care medical groups, Colleges, experts and Commissioners to enhance this offering and increase the scope of our #ALLERGYONLINE offering. Tell us what you think and keep in touch by signing up as a member at the bottom right of our home page. Thank you! 

Palforzia Podcast Event

Monday 4th Apr 2022

The Allergy Academy is proud to be collaborating with prominent leaders in paediatric allergy to discuss the implications of NICE's recent Final Appraisal Document announcement for Palforzia oral peanut immunotherapy. Further to this, on January 26th, NICE will make a final announcement on Palforzia. This will be of relevance to the wider allergy community being the first approved and validated oral food immunotherapy option to be made publically available.

The Allergy in Practice course is designed to enhance knowledge and practical skills in the diagnosis and management of allergic disease. This course is targeted at those who have a basic understanding of allergic disease and may have attended single study days in the past, but are looking for a more comprehensive course to cover the core knowledge required for healthcare professionals working in allergy services.

We are proud to partner with ALK-Abello to provide an update on current immunotherapy practices in allergy medicine. This sponsored afternoon event will be held online and will cover a range of interesting topics including aeroallergen disease and venom allergy. Vitally, we will touch upon practical considerations in administering allergen immunotherapy. This includes discussions pertaining to screening for suitable patients as well as logistical and pragmatic considerations in delivering care. 

The Allergy Academy is proud to annouce the Nursing Study Day for 2022! Given the current pandemic situation, we have elected to run the day as an online programme to ensure accessability and engagement. 

The Allergy Academy is proud to Partner with the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) to put together a joint event focussing on new developments in allergy medicine. We have gathered experts on the 21st century pragmatic implementation of clinical care for common conditions such as food allergy as well as unusual conditions such as FPIES and LTP allergy.

The Allergy Academy and British Dietetic Association are delighted to conjointly announce that the Practical Food Allergy study day will be going ahead in 2022! We are inviting both local and international experts to enable discussions about the prevention of food allergies in children and debate global public health strategies.

The Allergy Academy is proud to be presenting a world leading seminar on oral food immunotherapy. We have gathered experts in this highly exciting and evolving field who will present on the science, evidence, pragmatics and safety considerations pertaining to this management option.