#ALLERGYONLINE: UK Drug Allergy Network Afternoon (Collaborative Event with UK DAN)

Monday 2nd November 2020

The Allergy Academy are excited to announce our first Collaborative Masterclass Afternoon with the UK Drug Allergy Network (UK DAN).

This Masterclass Afternoon has invited experts across the UK to enable a discussion about the current clinical and laboratory understanding of antibiotic and peri-operative drug allergies. We will focus on emerging areas of allergy to chemotherapy agents, radio-contrast drugs and biologics, as well as specific patient groups such as people with Cystic Fibrosis.


Learning Objectives include: 

  • To understand the importance of antibiotics delabelling and relabelling 
  • Develop an understanding in the immunology of drug allergies
  • The recognition of peri-operative allergies 
  • To learn about the role of drug desensitisation in clinical practice 
  • Involving multi-discipline healthcare professionals and network approach in drug allergy clinic


Topic Highlights include:

  • An overview of the 'International Suspected Perioperative Allergy Group' (ISPAR)
  • An update on BSACI Penicillin Delabelling Guidelines 
  • Drug desensitisation to chemotherapeutics and biologics 
  • Adverse drug reactions to contrast media 
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