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#ALLERGYONLINE: Practical Allergy for Nurses 2020
This online study day is suitable for all healthcare professionals interested in updating their practice for the management of allergic disease in children, whether they are in-training or experienced clinicians. Those living with allergies are suffering from less resource access and are presenting with worsened symptoms. This online course is designed to cover the major presentations of allergic disease, and ensure you are up to date with emerging areas of practice. We have enhanced access to this live stream event and will ensure online access to the recordings for at least one month afterwards. Live-viewing delegates will be able to ask questions during the presentations, which will be answered through the chair-call-in afterwards. The costs of running this event has been designed and subsidised to ensure maximum access across all health care professionals during the Covid-19 autumn season. Whether you may be watching from work, from home, in the evenings or between on-call shifts, this event is designed to ensure you will not miss out on the opportunity to improve your practice.