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The Allergy Academy is proud to annouce the Nursing Study Day for 2022! Given the current pandemic situation, we have elected to run the day as an online programme to ensure accessability and engagement. 

The Allergy Academy is proud to Partner with the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) to put together a joint event focussing on new developments in allergy medicine. We have gathered experts on the 21st century pragmatic implementation of clinical care for common conditions such as food allergy as well as unusual conditions such as FPIES and LTP allergy.

The Allergy Academy and British Dietetic Association are delighted to conjointly announce that the Practical Food Allergy study day will be going ahead in 2022! We are inviting both local and international experts to enable discussions about the prevention of food allergies in children and debate global public health strategies. We will also focus on emerging research and the latest developments in the management of gastrointestinal allergic disease. This online study day is suitable for all health care professionals interested in updating their practice.

The Allergy Academy is proud to be presenting a world leading seminar on oral food immunotherapy. We have gathered experts in this highly exciting and evolving field who will present on the science, evidence, pragmatics and safety considerations pertaining to this management option.