Allergy Academy GP study day 2023

Thursday 29th June 2023

The Allergy Academy are delighted to announce that we are hosting a study day for GPs in Summer 2023 covering food allergy, respiratory and skin disease in children. Whilst focused on the needs of primary care colleagues this course will be appropriate for any professionals that see unfiltered paediatric patients with allergic disease.

This study day is designed in conjunction with the Royal College of General Practitioners and will cover a broad range of topics, delivered by a blended faculty of secondary and tertiary allergy, respiratory and dermatology colleagues and primary care colleagues.

This will be a day that will update your knowledge on the management of children with food allergies, skin rashes and respiratory disease.

This study day will be an in person, face to face event at Kings College Hospital, London, offering networking opportunities, and we will also make a hybrid option available for those unable to travel. We will have full interactive functions available.

Aims and Objectives:

·       Allergies in children

    • History taking in suspected allergy
    • Update on milk allergy
    • Prevention of allergies in the preschool child

·       Airways disease

    • Update on asthma management
    • Update on allergic rhinitis management
    • Environmental allergies

·       Skin disease in children

    • Update on eczema
    • Urticaria
    • Hot cases

 Who should attend:

·       General Practitioners and their team members

·       Paediatricians and paediatric trainees

·       Hospital doctors and nurses

·       Community teams including nurses

·       Allied Health Professionals working with children