Allergy in Practice Course (2023)

Wednesday 22nd March 2023 to Thursday 11th May 2023

The Allergy in Practice course is designed to enhance knowledge and practical skills in the diagnosis and management of allergic disease.


This course is targeted at those who have a basic understanding of allergic disease and may have attended single study days in the past, but are looking for a more comprehensive course to cover the core knowledge required for healthcare professionals working in allergy services.


Teaching will comprise 4 study days. The first two days are virtual teaching days, and then a few weeks thereafter we will meet face to face in London for two in-person teaching days comprising seminars, practical sessions and small group work, as well as time in our Evelina simulation centre to consolidate the knowledge you will have gained from the preceding dates.



·        Virtual study days: 22nd March and 23rd March 2023, online

·        Face-to-face study days: 10th and 11th May 2023, London


Who should attend:

·        Nurses working within allergy or interested in working in allergy

·        Doctors interested in allergy or who see children or adults with allergic disease in their practice

·        Allied Health Professionals working with patients with allergy


Educational objectives:

Attendance at this course will equip colleagues with the theoretical and practical knowledge to manage patients with allergic disease in their own practice.  


Following successful completion of the course you will have an enhanced understanding of allergic disease, focusing on the application of this knowledge in clinical situations, to guide clinical decision making and practice.


Students who have completed the course have fed back that they feel more confident in recognising presentations of allergic disease and participating in discussions with their colleagues about the management of their patients. Students have particularly enjoyed the interactive case discussions and practical hands-on sessions. 


This course will cover:

·        Food allergy

·        Skin prick testing

·        Allergic rhinitis

·        Eczema

·        Asthma

·        Drug allergy

·        FPIES

·        Urticaria

·        Immunotherapy

·        Anaphylaxis

·         …and much more!



Testimonials from previous delegates:

"I am so much more confident answering questions about allergy, [I] feel much more knowledgeable."

"I liked the use of case studies to illustrate concepts."

"Really helpful tips to take back to clinical practice."

"Block one was a consistently solid foundation to the course."

"The scenario based session was really good. I felt involved and able to use the knowledge gained in practice."

"Allergy can be complex. This course breaks it down allowing new practitioners to understand the basics."

"Can now do skin prick testing, learning to take history, Adrenaline pen training and Allergen avoidance teaching."

"Fabulous, informative and practical!"

"Almost entirely changes my approach to all my allergy patients in GP."

"Practical - clinical - evidence-based."

"More confident in interpreting SPT/sIgEs."

"[I am] Now checking on asthma if patient has food allergies."